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Once I came across a Facebook post on Hindustan Times where it said how a woman being harassed by husband killed him pouring boiling oil on his head. Well, the ‘feminists’ there defended her saying she was right as ‘killing an evil is not an evil deed.’ Though I saw a reply saying the lady was wrong, and that she shouldn’t have done so. But majority echoed in woman’s favor. I strongly disagree with everyone who took the woman’s side. She was thoroughly wrong; killing a culprit never kills the crime. Osama has been killed, but I still see the terrorism AND terrorists around us. Every day we see how people are killed on the streets, roads, malls etc. it is obvious to me that all of them are not ‘good’ people, so have they taken the evil with them? I don’t think so. Taking revenge has never been a solution; it never was. Some people think of it as ‘solution’ because of their narrow mentality. They will help one taking the revenge and spread negativity in the world. I recall J. R. R. Tolkien’s words”It is useless to meet revenge with revenge; it heals nothing.” This is something that I want everyone to know about. Recently having seen a film (Ek Villain) that really confirmed Tolkien's words to me. In the film the lead protagonist is murdered by a serial murderer and her husband being a “villain” in the past avenges her death. The man who murdered her was rejected by his wife (who constantly reminded him how big looser he was) and society. To become a “hero” in his wife’s eyes and to take revenge for his humiliation he starts murdering the women who say a single word to him. In this order he murders the female protagonist, and her husband seeks revenge. By the end of the film the wife of the murderer is murdered by Villain’s ex-boss and he (the murderer) himself dies leaving a 10 years old son behind. So, this is the perfect example albeit “fictional’ that two wrongs do not make ONE right, because this is not only the matter of imaginary world but of our own. Fiction comes from reality, not reality comes from fiction.


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