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This one is actually very old, and badly written. I wrote this last year when I finished the books and was shocked by the Frodo-hatred on Facebook. This thought came to my mind after the even I mentioned here.
Once I saw a photo of Frodo-Galadrielscene on Facebook (Even the smallest person.....scene). I commented about how brave Frodo had been during the quest etc. A guy came and said Frodo "failed" and Sam is the "real hero".
This led me to a thought and I want to know if I and right or wrong.
Didn't Sam fail as well? He had to protect Frodo and help him. Was Frodo really okay? Protected? Or like Sam had intended him to be? No, because if it was so, Frodo wouldn't have left Shire.
Still we don't blame Sam, we must not. We know Sam faced immense peril on his journey, sacrificed a lot, fought Orcs, Shelob, Gollum, etc to keep Frodo safe. And was ready to sacrifice himself. But unfortunately couldn't. Still we say Sam's the Real Hero.
But whenever it comes to Frodo, why everyone expects him to be Stanley's Super Human(Hobbit)? The more story goes deeper, the more Frodo becomes silent and secretive about him and hardly tell anything to Sam. Even Sam doesn't know about Frodo's inside battles. Sam, atleast, could fight with enemies. Who Frodo would fight with? Ring, Souron, Shelob's poison, Gollum's treachery or Morgul Blade? Who? After Shelob's attack he couldn't sleep properly while had to walk entire day.
My point is: they both went through the same conditions (FRODO, OBVIOUSLY WORSTS) and faced the Same consequences; then why people aren't ready to see Frodo as the hero? Even at the end he decides to leave ME. Isn't it completly selfless? He could've stayed there and died his friends around him. But that'd have been a big tragedy for his friends to see him like that. He gave his friends a Happy Life and not to worry about him anymore.
I always feel, that Frodo's a riddle or a puzzle that people cannot early crack; and this is why are too rude about him.


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