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Apr. 7th, 2014 07:02 pm
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My ramblings actually! ;) Another oldie...!
I often see people saying: Frodo's a loser; he didn't do anything; he's a failed hero; he wasn't heroic at all; he's silly etc. etc. I don't understand why do people say these words to him and why?? Is this because Sam helped him? Well, then who didn't get ANY help from people? Where would Gandalf, Aragorn, Gimli, Legolas and Merry, Pippin and people those were outside Fellowship be without Each-other; And the thousands of unknown heroes who died in the War? Without them where would have been our Major Heroes? They needed help and still people consider them the "REAL HEROES". Then why not Frodo? Sam needed Frodo's and Smeagal's help to go on.
Frodo trusted and relied on Sam but never became a burden on him. Frodo inspired many people including Sam. His decision brough hope in everyone's hearts. What was it, then, if not heroism? He was twice attacked by the Ringwraiths. Once stabbed. Still He took the task. In which he didn't have any hope, for atleast himself. He knew what'll happen next, still decided to Go On. Gandalf's death, Boromir's betrayal, twice attacked by Enemy's Servants and Frodo still went on..
Later attacked by Shelob, Gollum's betrayal might have been hard to digest this little Hobbit. Orcs, when captured Frodo, said to each other, if he survives the poison, he'll regret it. Still we don't see him mention anything about it later. Above all this, The Ring was too heavy for him to bear. He still went on.
Galadriel's words to Frodo were, if he fails they(elves) will have to give themselves to the Enemy and if he succeeds Elves will diminish from ME. Towards the End Frodo couldn't go any further and Sam asks him if can manage it (going on), Frodo replies, "I MUST, SAM"


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